Century Interiors is a group of skilled and dedicated people who work together to achieve carefully defined goals: great craftsmanship, unmatched customer satisfaction, and personal pride in a job well done. Mark LaBella started the company. His early training in the painting industry shaped the company’s values and goals. He’s the driving force behind our defining values of integrity, craftsmanship, and communication—but every great leader needs a great team.

Century’s foremen and teams are renowned for their ability to talk with, listen to, and understand a customer’s needs, desires, and visions. This is why we can do our jobs so well and so quickly. We invest some time up front so we know what you’re looking for—and we check in with you throughout the process to make sure everything’s on track.

Our Philosophy

At Century Interiors, our philosophy is simple: we listen to our customers, we work together to come up with a design and a budget that suit the project and the customer’s needs, and we maintain a close relationship until the project is completed (and afterwards, too). We do believe that communication is key, and we expect our customers to participate by sharing their ideas, hopes, plans, and thoughts throughout the entire process.

As much as we rely on customer input, we accept full responsibility for the work we perform. All of our workers are good people; our company is fully insured; we wear uniforms so that you know who is on your property at all times. We seek to maximize your happiness during the creative process while minimizing risks and worries.

History Photo

The Formative Years

Century Interiors began long before the company was actually founded. Mark LaBella, our president, began working with his uncle at an early age; he gained valuable skills on commercial painting jobs, and he started learning about the business aspects of the industry. He honed his skills by working with his father on small home improvement projects like painting and drywall installation. But the most important principle he learned was this: a person’s word is the most valuable thing he can give.

As he grew older and more experienced, Mark began to think big. In 1989, he hired four skilled painters to form Century Painting Company. The business grew to include more service offerings to meet client demand; it was then in 1993, Mark incorporated the business establishing Century Interiors, Inc.

Century Team Today

Century Today

Today, Century Interiors employs 22 full-time crew members, foremen, and craftsmen. We also work with carefully selected sub-contractors for tasks that require highly specialized skills. We invite you to get to know our president and foremen—they’re the ones who will be managing your project. And if you’re an honest, skilled craftsperson who has something to offer to the Century Interiors’ team, do let us know. We’re always looking for new talent and good people.